Wednesday, September 19, 2012

KIPP Lynn Data by Subgroup

Below are the Reading/English Language Arts CPIs by subgroup on the 2012 MCAS exam for the KIPP Lynn Charter School. CPIs are a measure of the extent to which students are progressing toward 100% proficiency in ELA or math; the goal is a CPI of 100 which is the equivalent of all students having achieved proficiency on the exam.  More specifically, each student participating in the MCAS is given a score based on well they perform on the MCAS which is later averaged among the district, school or subgroup to determine the CPI. Possible scores are 0 (Warning/Failing - Low), 25 (Warning/Failing - High), 50 (Needs Improvement - Low), 75 (Needs Improvement - High), and 100 (Proficient or Advanced).

CPIPercentile in Grade Span
All Students83.524

Students w/ Disabilities 56.918
High Needs81.757

ELL/Former ELL75.078

Low Income81.744

Afr Amer/Black86.481
Multi-Race, Non-Hispanic----

Below are the Math CPIs by subgroup for the 2012 MCAS exam.

CPIPercentile in Grade Span
All Students71.3 27
Students w/ Disabilities  42.6 22
High Needs69.1  70
ELL/Former ELL 70.2 80
Low Income 69.457
Asian ----
Afr Amer/Black 69.278
Hispanic/Latino 69.8 70
Multi-Race, Non-Hispanic ----
White79.1 40


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