Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2019 4-Year Dropout Rate for English Learner Students Sees an Increase Statewide from 2018

Over the past five years, the number of English Learner (EL) students statewide in the graduating student cohort has increased nearly 50%.

While the number of EL students has increased, so has the 4-year dropout rate. In 2015, 14.1% of EL students who enrolled in 9th grade in 2011 dropped out within fours years; by 2019, the 4-year dropout rate had increased to 16.9%. 

Alternatively, the 4-year graduation rate for EL students in 2019 was 64.6% compared to 64% in 2015.

The state's 26 Gateway Cities represented 46.8% of the 2019 EL cohort. The 4-year dropout among these communities ranged from 0% in Westfield to 40% in Peabody.

Source: www.doe.mass.edu

Monday, February 17, 2020

2019 Graduation Rates

The state recently reported 4-year graduation rates for the cohort of Massachusetts students expected to graduate in 2019. Statewide, the 4-year graduation rate was 88%, up from 87.9% the previous year. Graduation rates, as always did vary from district to district with eight districts reporting a 100% graduation rate and another (single school district) reporting a graduation rate of just 5.4%. 

Looking at the ten Commissioner's Districts, New Bedford made the greatest gain from 2018 reporting a 71.9% graduation rate compared to 58.6% the previous year. Springfield also saw a slight increase, up 3.1 points from 2018. 

The state also reported that 73.9% of students with disabilities graduated in 2019. In many of the Commissioner's districts, the graduation rate for that particular population was under 60%. 

Similarly, 78.5% of low income students statewide graduated in 4 years with rates in the above mentioned districts ranging from 68.6% (Fall River) to 80% (Worcester). 

In Lynn, the graduation rate district wide was up slightly from 2018 (+0.5) with both Lynn Classical and Lynn Tech reporting more substantial increases from 2018.

Source: www.doe.mass.edu