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11th Essex State Rep Q & A: Drew Russo

With the election of former State Representative Brendan Crighton to the Massachusetts State Senate this spring, several candidates have announced their candidacy for the 11th Essex State Rep. seat. Democrat Drew Russo is one candidate running for the seat vacated by Crighton. Currently, the Executive Director of the Lynn Museum/LynnArts organization, Russo previously worked for former U.S. Representative John Tierney as well as in advancement for St. Mary's High School (Lynn). Here he answers some questions regarding his candidacy for State Representative. 
Tell us a little about yourself and why you are running for 11th Essex State Representative.
First off, thank you for the opportunity to share my views with your readers, Cleo!

My name is Drew Russo.  I grew up in Lynn. Having become increasinglyactive in civic life as an adult, I bring a passion for public service.

If elected, I will work for social and economic justice, whether it isadvocating for a $15 minimum wage, working t…
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