Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lynn 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency Rates 2013

On the 2013 3rd grade reading exam, 37% of Lynn students were Proficient or Advanced (3% Advanced, 34% Proficient). This is a slight decrease overall from 2012. 

The percentage of students falling into the 'Warning' category, however, did decrease from 14% in 2012 to 11% in 2013. 

Reading proficiency rates varied at the individual school level.

Six schools had proficiency rates of 50% or greater: Aborn, Hood, Lynn Woods, Sewell-Anderson, Shoemaker and Sisson. Reading proficiency rates ranged from 16% (Cobbet) to 70% (Sisson).

Below is a comparison of 3rd grade reading proficiency rates for the Commissioner's urban districts from 2011 - 2013.

Lynn and Lowell had the highest reading proficiency rates among these districts while Holyoke had the lowest (13%).

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All data taken from: www.doe.mass.edu

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lynn Subgroups Show Considerable Gains on 10th Grade ELA MCAS Exam

A press release from the Boston Public School system reported that over the last six years, 10th grade BPS students have seen a 21-point increase in English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency rates. Since 2009, Lynn has also seen considerable gains in its 10th grade ELA proficiency rates. Over that time period, proficiency rates on the 10th grade exam in Lynn have increased from 63% in 2009 to 83% in 2013.

BPS also reported that Hispanic and African American students are also making gains and that the city has cut a 30 point achievement gap to 10 points this year. In Lynn, the proficiency rate of African American students has increased from 53% in 2009 to 82% this year; the proficiency rate of Hispanic students has increased 20 points over the same time period.

This year the 10th grade proficiency rate by race/ethnicity in Lynn were as follows:
  • African American: 82% (Compared to 83% of African American students statewide)
  • Asian: 88% (Compared to 92% of Asian students statewide)
  • Hispanic/Latino: 77% (Compared to 79% of Hispanic/Latino students statewide)
  • White: 91% (Compared to 95% of White students statewide)

Overall, 91% of 10th grade students in Massachusetts were Proficient or Advanced on the ELA exam.

In looking at proficiency rates by income status, low income 10th graders in Lynn have also made  substantial progress over 5 years.

The difference between Low Income and Non-Low Income students on the 2013 10th grade ELA exam was 8 points, down from a 13-point difference in 2009. Statewide, 82% of Low Income and 95% of Non-Low Income students were proficient or Advanced in ELA.

The students with disabilities or special education population has seen an increase in ELA proficiency rates of 36 points since 2009 whole the English Language Learner/Former English Language Learner subgroup has seen a 19-point increase.

Overall, 57% of ELL/Former ELL and 66% of Students with Disabilities in the state were Proficient or Advanced on the 10th grade ELA exam.

All data taken from: www.doe.mass.edu

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lynn MCAS Results 2013: Part V

Below are the percentage of students at each school achieving proficiency ('advanced' and 'proficient' combined) on the 2013 Science MCAS exam. The positive or negative numbers in parentheses represent the percent change in this category from 2012.

Aborn 88 (+7)
Brickett 38 (-8)
Callahan 26 (+15)
Cobbet 9 (-7)
Connery 24 (+10)
Drewicz 35 (-7)
Ford 40 (+15)
Harrington 7 (-26)
Hood  42 (+13)
Ingalls 26 (+2)
Lincoln-Thomson 83 (+4)
Lynn Woods 38 (+6)
Sewell Anderson 31 (-9)
Shoemaker 46 (+2)
Sisson 28 (-12)
Tracy 36 (+2)
Washington N/A

Breed 22 (+6)
KIPP Lynn 53 (+13)
Marshall 4 (-3)
Pickering 29 (-5)

Lynn Classical 60 (-6)
Lynn English59 (-1)
Lynn Tech 41 (+8)
Fecteau-Leary  0 (0)

Citation: www.doe.mass.edu