Thursday, January 10, 2019

Lynn Reports Gender Disparities in 9th Grade Coursework Pass Rates

Last month, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released a report which noted the percentage of 9th grade students who had completed and passed all courses during the 2017-2018 academic year. Overall, 68.2% of Lynn Public School District students completed and passed all coursework. Interestingly, however, when broken out by subject area, the pass rates by individual subject area are slightly higher:
  • 85.2% of 9th students completed/passed English Language Arts
  • 86.4% completed/passed History/Social Science
  • 83% completed/passed Mathematics
  • 81.6% completed/passed Science
  • 84.9% completed/passed courses designated 'Other'
In looking at the gender breakdown related to these pass rates, statewide female students had an all course pass rate of 84.7% compared to 75.1% for male students. In Lynn, that rate was 73.5% for female students compared to 64.1% for male students. Pass rates also varied by high school within LPS:

Last year, Lynn Tech reported a pass rate for male students higher than the state's overall rate and was on par with the state for female students. Generally, the pass rates for each individual subject (English Language Arts, History, Science, etc.) matched the overall pass rate reported for each gender with courses deemed 'Other' slightly higher. In 2017-18, 10% of 9th grade students overall were retained, again with gender disparities (7.5% of female 9th grade students retained versus 11.9% of male students).

For a look at pass rates for other subgroups including English Language Learners and Students with disabilities, see here.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lynn Political Calendar 2019

Nomination papers for the 2019 Lynn municipal elections will be available on Monday, March 25, 2019.


  • Councilor At Large or School Committee: 350 signatures; not more than 100 from any one ward
  • Ward Councilor: 100 signatures from the ward

Other Important Dates: 
  • Friday, June 21st at 4pm: Deadline to take out nomination papers
  • Monday, June 24th at 4pm: Deadline to file nomination papers
  • Tuesday, September 3rd: Preliminary Election
  • Tuesday, November 5th: City Election