Thursday, February 28, 2019

Lynn's 2018 4-Year Graduation Rate Up Slightly from 2017

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released the 2018 four year graduation rates for the state's schools. Overall, the 4-year graduation rate statewide among those expected to graduate in 2018 was 87.9%, down from 88.3% in 2017. In Lynn, 74.3% of a cohort of 1,237 graduated in 2018.

Graduation rates in Lynn among the subgroups varied as typically reported. Among English Learners, the graduation rate was 49% while 63.9% of Students with Disabilities graduated within four years; the graduation rate for female students was 80.5% compared to 69.4% among male students.

At the individual high school level, graduation rates overall also varied:

Citywide, graduation rates are up slightly from last year:

Looking elsewhere, the majority of the state's Commissioner's Districts had graduation rate percentages in the 70-range with New Bedford lower at 58.6% and Worcester the highest at 83.5%.