Monday, March 4, 2013

Lynn 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency Rates

Last year, Holyoke received a $100,000 grant in order to fund a literacy initiative they are calling "Reading is Power: Holyoke Can Do It." The purpose of the initiative is to increase 3rd grade reading proficiency rates in Holyoke to 85% by the year 2014. As of the 2012 MCAS exam, 20% of 3rd graders in Holyoke were proficient in reading.

In Lynn, 41% of 3rd graders were proficient or advanced on the 2012 MCAS exam. Below is a table which looks at Lynn's 3rd grade reading proficiency rates from 2005 to 2012.

Reading proficiency rates at the individual school level varied in 2012.

Five elementary schools in Lynn had proficiency rates over 50%: Aborn, Hood, Lincoln-Thomson, Shoemaker, and Sisson. Proficiency rates at the schools ranged from 25% to 76%. 

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