Monday, March 4, 2013

Comparing Urban Districts: Special Populations 2012-13

Last year, we compared Massachusetts' ten Commissioner's Districts in a number of areas including MCAS proficiency rates, average number of absences, and graduation rates. Here is a comparison of these districts in terms of their special populations using the most recent data from the 2012-13 school year.

*FLnE = First Language not English
*LEP = Limited English Proficiency
*SPED = Special Education 

Low IncomeFLnE*LEP*SPED*
Fall River 77.9%22.0%7.1%22.4%
New Bedford73.4%21.6%4.6%22.2%

  • Of these districts, Springfield has the highest percentage of low income students.
  • Lawrence has the highest percentage of First Language not English students.
  • Worcester has the highest percentage of Limited English proficiency.
  • Holyoke has the highest percentage of Special Education students. 

In previous posts, we compared the graduation and drop out rates of these districts as well as their MCAS proficiency rates.
  • Lowell had the lowest dropout rate among these districts in 2012 (3.8%)
  • Brockton had the highest graduation rate in 2012 (74.5%)
  • Worcester had the highest English Language Arts/Reading proficiency rate in 2012 (51%)
  • Lowell had the highest Math proficiency rate in 2012 (44%)

*All Data Taken From:

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