Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unexcused Absences a Problem for Lynn

In the March 15th edition of the Lynn Item, it was reported that unexcused absences in the Lynn public schools are on the rise with 94 students responsible for 1,071 unexcused absences this school year. Unexcused absences do not include students who are sick. The absences have largely been attributed to students taking extended vacations during the holiday season among other reasons. So which Lynn schools had the highest average number of absences in 2010-11?


The schools with the top 3 highest average number of school absences in 2010 - 11 were:
  • Sisson: 9.4
  • Brickett: 9.2
  • Callahan: 9.3
Washington Elementary had an average of 17.6 absences in 2010-11 but there population is 100% special education which has a significant effect on its absentee rates. The elementary schools with the lowest number of school absences were Lynn Woods (6) and Aborn (6.8).

Middle School
  • Pickering: 11.1
  • Breed: 11.1
  • Marshall: 10.4

Junior/Senior High
  • Fecteau-Leary: 36.2

High School
  •  Lynn Tech: 17.2
  • Lynn English: 12.8
  • Lynn Classical: 12.4 

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