Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Most Massachusetts Districts See Higher than Average Proficiency Rates in 3rd Grade Reading

The blog Eye on Early Education published this color-coded map which indicates proficiency rates on the 2011 third  grade reading MCAS exam for the individual districts in Massachusetts. The map reported that, of the 274 districts with available data, more than half  (60%) achieved a 65% or greater proficiency rate on the exam. The percentage range with the highest number of districts was 65% - 79%. More specifically:

  • 15% of districts achieved a 80% - 100% proficiency rate. These districts included Wellesley, Needham, Sharon and Acton.
  • 45% of districts achieved a 65% - 79% proficiency rate. Districts included Danvers, Weston, Hadley and Dartmouth.
  • 28% achieved a 50% - 64% proficiency rates. Districts included Chicopee, Saugus, Taunton and Framingham.
  • 12% achieved of proficiency rate of less than 50%. Districts included Lynn, Chelsea, Ludlow, and Fitchburg. All ten of the Commissioner's Urban Districts also fell into this category.

Overall, 61% of third grade students in Massachusetts were proficient  in reading according to their MCAS exam results.

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