Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lynn 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency Rates 2013

On the 2013 3rd grade reading exam, 37% of Lynn students were Proficient or Advanced (3% Advanced, 34% Proficient). This is a slight decrease overall from 2012. 

The percentage of students falling into the 'Warning' category, however, did decrease from 14% in 2012 to 11% in 2013. 

Reading proficiency rates varied at the individual school level.

Six schools had proficiency rates of 50% or greater: Aborn, Hood, Lynn Woods, Sewell-Anderson, Shoemaker and Sisson. Reading proficiency rates ranged from 16% (Cobbet) to 70% (Sisson).

Below is a comparison of 3rd grade reading proficiency rates for the Commissioner's urban districts from 2011 - 2013.

Lynn and Lowell had the highest reading proficiency rates among these districts while Holyoke had the lowest (13%).

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All data taken from: www.doe.mass.edu

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