Friday, September 20, 2013

Lynn MCAS Results 2013: Part IV

Below are proficiency rates on the 2013 MCAS by school at the high school level; also included is each school's Accountability and Assistance Level. Accountability levels are as follows:
  • Level 1:  On track to college and career readiness
  • Level 2:  Not meeting gap closing goals
  • Level 3:  Focus: Lowest performing 20% of schools (including schools with the largest gaps)
  • Level 4:  Priority: Lowest performing schools
  • Level 5:  Priority: Chronically under-performing schools 
Positive or negative numbers in parentheses represent the percent change from 2011. 'School Performance' refers to the school's overall performance relative to other schools statewide that serve the same grade span (percentiles range from 1 - 99). For example, a school performance that is greater than 75% of schools serving common grades statewide is at the 75th percentile.

All numbers are in percentages.

                                  ELA             Math
Lynn Classical87 (+4)64 (-7)
Lynn English85 (+2)69 (-2)
Lynn Tech81 (+10)55 (-3)
Fecteau-Leary33 (+9)7 (+1)

  • Accountability & Assistance Level: Level 1 (up from Level 3)
  • School Performance: 28th Percentile

  • Accountability & Assistance Level: Level 3 
  • Low MCAS participation - focus on students w/ disabilities 
  • School Performance: 20th Percentile

  • Accountability & Assistance Level: Level 3
  • Focus on Low Income, Hispanic/Latino; Low graduation rate - focus on students w/ disabilities, ELL & former ELL; Low MCAS participation (less than 95%) - focus on students w/ disabilities
  • School Performance: 13th Percentile

  • Accountability & Assistance Level: Level 3 
  • Persistently low graduation rate - focus on all students; Very low MCAS participation (less than 90%)
  • School Performance: 3rd Percentile


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