Monday, December 16, 2013

Lynn SAT Scores 2012-13

During the 2012-13 school, 457 Lynn public school students took the SAT exam. The average scores of the students taking the exam last school year show an increase over the previous years (see below). Possible scores on each section of the SAT range from 200 - 800 points.


Demographically, of the students taking the exam last year, 56.5% were females and 74.2% were low income students. Statewide, the average score on each section of the SAT was: 507 Reading, 501 Writing, and 522 Math.

Below are the average SAT scores at the individual school level from the past 3 years.


In terms of SAT participation, Lynn Classical had 205 students take the SAT exam in 2012-13, Lynn English had 215 and Lynn Tech had 35. While the number of students taking the SAT at Classical increased last school year, district wide SAT participation is down slightly from the previous school year. 

All data taken from:


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