Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lynn Voter Turnout/Results 2012

Out of a possible 50,604 votes, 31,866 Lynners voted in the presidential race with 72.07% of the vote going to President Obama and 26.56% going to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Third party candidates also made a showing with 259 people voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (0.81%) and 113 voters casting a ballot for Green Party candidate Jill Stein (0.35%). Overall, voter turnout in the presidential race was 63%.

In the Senate race, Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren earned 65.13% of the Lynn vote compared to Republican incumbent Scott Brown's 34.74%.

For U.S Congress, incumbent John Tierney took 69.81% of the vote compared to Republican challenger Richard Tisei's 26.21% and Libertarian candidate Daniel Fishman's 3.72%.

In the one contested state representative race, Democratic incumbent Robert Fennell beat Republican candidate Dwight 'Dusty' Caufield 81.63% to 16.82% to remain 10th Essex District State Representative.

Lynn voters also voted 'Yes' on the right to repair (Question 1) and for medical marijuana (Question 3), but 'No' on physician assisted suicide (Question 2).

Check out LynnHappens for a complete breakdown of Lynn's voting results:


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