Thursday, September 13, 2012

From the Comment Section: The Daily Item/The Daily Item Facebook Page

In the September 13 edition of The Daily Item, there was an article highlighting some of the developments in the works for the city of Lynn as presented by Lynn EDIC Executive Director Jim Cowdell.

Here is one comment left on the web version of the paper by user TamLee:

"Unfortunately, until this city cleans up it's major issues with gangs, drugs, prostitution and violent crimes?  Build it all you want - no one will come.  That thinking was proved wrong with the gorgeous artists lofts didn't draw the urban city dweller as was originally thought.  Why? Because people are still afraid to buy here because of the above issues we have with crime.  Which is truly, truly sad.  Spend some money on more police presence throughout this city at all times in ALL areas.  Get ICE in here - we need a major clean up that way FIRST!!"

The Daily Item's Facebook page posed the following question in regard to the same article: Do you think Lynn will ever be redeveloped into a thriving destination city? Here's what some commenters said:

"Not unless you're cchanging [sic] the name to Little Puerto Rico....What's the point of patronizing the businesses if you can't speak the same language???"

 "I hope so, thay [sic] way someone will buy my house when it goes up for sale so I can get far far away from here"

 "Not in this lifetime!"

In a second article, also in the September 13 edition, Dr. Barry Bluestone, director of the Dukakis Center of Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University and founding dean of Northeastern's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs laid out a strategy for successful growth in Lynn's economic development. This story sparked some debate as well with commenters saying the following:

"Uh .. right ! Not buying this at all ! Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure ! Lynn is a dump site and not one person has turned it around ! Time to stop talking and start doing ! forget about this ferry stuff and extend rapid transit to Lynn ! Folks are not just paying high prices for their living quarters, but also quality of living ! LYNN LACKS JUST THAT .. QUALITY OF LIVING ! drugs .. prostitution .. trash .. no quality retail .. no upscale dining .. no upscale entertainment [tired of the Lynn Arts] .. etc ! Give me rapid transit in and out of Lynn to Boston and quality living and maybe I will spend my Boston earnings in Lynn ! Until then .. stop the jokes "

"Mr Bluestone misses some of the obvious reasons why Lynn is dying including not only high crime, bad schools and a waterfront that has not been developed for over 30 years. Here,s [sic] another rhetorical question. If the answer to improving Lynn is so obvious why has it taken so long to make these changes?"

"All very good points and kudos to Lynn area Chamber of Commerce for requesting this study, however what we need to do first is get rid of the crime,get rid of the drug dealers, get rid of the gang bangers, and get rid of people who throw their garbage all over our streets. I doubt that Mr Bluestone ever walked the streets  of downtown Lynn (alone) after dark. Make downtown Lynn safe to shop in (it was once) and people will return. As far as GE goes, most of the people making the top wages move out of Lynn, and don't shop here or have any interest here either. If you take a look at any photos or videos of parts of Detroit it looks like post WWII Germany with nothing but wreckage of it's proud past still standing. If we don't do something now, that's where Lynn is heading very rapidly."

Why all the negativity from Lynners about the city's prospects?


  1. There's a gap between those working to make a difference, and those making these comments on the Item. There's also a reality gap.

    While I know we still have crime and I see plenty of trash blow by my building's entrance in Central Square, I also know that it's not unique to Lynn. I see more broken glass by the curb in Beacon Hill than I do anywhere in Lynn. Let's put our crime and gang issues into perspective with other urban areas before we throw them up as excuses to not bother making progress in other areas.

    Let's face it. We have a lot of people in Lynn who hate cities, and even those aspects of cities, such as diversity and density, that some us appreciate and celebrate.

    It's more important that the folks we have in City Hall and the School department think more as we do and less like the usual Item comment.

  2. Agreed.

    I always find it interesting that whenever there is an Item story about some sort of progress or positive development in Lynn, there are always those who find something negative to 'say' on online forums. Yet at city council or school committee meetings there are few, if any, residents speaking up with solutions or proposals of their own. That is why I am inclined to chalk this commentary up to complainers; if the issue was really that important to you, you would be at least attempting to make a difference in some substantial way. Furthermore, as you previously commented, there are some who will just never see Lynn in a new and different light regardless of what changes are made. There are still many who describe the Highlands as "dangerous" and "scary" despite the decrease in crime. Lynners are at times the city's own worst critics.