Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lynn Graduation Rates by Subgroup

In addition to the overall four-year graduation rates, the Massachusetts DESE also releases graduation rates by subgroup.

In Lynn, the majority of subgroups saw an increase in their graduation rates from 2012 to 2013. The largest increases were among Multi-Racial, Non-Hispanic students (+14.7), Asian students (+7.2) and English Language Learner students (+6.7). Overall, the graduation rate for low income students in Lynn (74.8%) was higher than the state's figure (73.6%).

At Lynn Classical, four subgroups had graduation rates over 90% - female students, Asian students, White students and Multi-Racial, Non-Hispanic students.

Lynn English also saw a substantial increase in the graduation rate of Multi-Racial, Non-Hispanic students while most other subgroups saw a decline.

Lynn Tech saw a 26.6% increase in the graduation rate among English Language Learner students and a 14.8% increase among Special Education students.

All Data taken from: www.doe.mass.edu

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