Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10th Essex District State Rep Election Q & A: Dwight 'Dusty' Caufield

Dwight 'Dusty' Caufield is currently running for 10th Essex District State Representative this fall as the Republican candidate for office. His opponents are Robert Fennell (D), the incumbent, and write-in candidate Gardy Jean-Francois (D). See below for the answers to a few questions posed to Mr. Caufield regarding his candidacy.

What are your reasons for running for state representative?

Lack of Leadership - Lynn has been used as the dumping ground for the North Shore. We need Jobs not group homes, halfway houses, methadone clinics etc.

Transparency - The Legislator continually keeps the public in the dark on issues by closed committees and secret ballots. They work for us and have a right to know how they vote and what goes on in committees.

Job Development - Without jobs we will never see any improvement in the Lynn area. Without jobs these empty houses will stay empty. We need to work with the city to entice investors to bring work to the city. If they hire a Lynn resident they get tax breaks for an example.

What do you consider to be your top issues? 

1. Bring jobs into the city instead of methadone clinics. Developing the waterfront has been an issue since the 70's and not much has been done. Do they think an investor will want to get involved when he sees a methadone clinic will be next to his hotel? See above Job development. 

2. Term limits - I am running against a man who has been in office 18 years and has zero bills, this his is only one example. Public service should be some one who wants to help out the community not enrich himself and his friends. They stay too long and they are owned by the party and special interest groups. One of the few things my opponent has accomplished is helping a powerful friend build in Peabody make money at the expense of a Lynn neighborhood.

3. Family Values - I believe more has to be done to keep families together and to get them involved in the community. I have seen instances where a child won't play sports because the single parent cannot afford the fee. Families breaking up because they are losing their house. This is very stressful on families and a little help is all they need to get over the rough spots.

What separates you from your opponents?

What makes myself  different from the other candidates is the fact that have a very diverse background. Professionally I have worked in the Health Care Industry (Mass Gen Hosp), Manufacturing (Gillette/Proctor and Gamble Corp.), The Arts (Symphony Hall), and Teaching (Peterson School of Engineering).

I also grew up in three sections of Lynn: East, West and also the Highlands. Product of the Lynn School system and also Lynn athletics. As an adult and father I have also been involved with Lynn athletics for the youth of the area.

Anything else you would like to add?
This election is about Lynn and the mediocre representation we have put up with for too long. This is just not good enough for the Lynn I grew up in and should not be an option. I see empty houses and no jobs to help them along. It is easy to get some funds from a broke Government to move things along but without a sustained and strong economy Lynn will always be Mediocre.

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