Thursday, August 9, 2012

10th Essex District State Rep Election Q & A: Gardy Jean-Francois

Despite a campaign setback that resulted in his name being taken off the ballot, Gardy Jean-Francois has decided to continue his bid as the Democratic candidate for the 10th Essex District State Rep against incumbent Robert Fennell via a sticker or write-in campaign. See below for his answers to a few questions posed about his candidacy.

Why are you running for 10th Essex District State Rep? In the face of your recent election setback, why are you continuing on with a sticker campaign?

I am running to be the state Representative for the 10th Essex District for the following reasons: first and foremost, I love the community and I firmly believe that we have so much potential in the City of Lynn but we are lacking of leadership. I want to bring your pain, frustration, and your anger to the State House and address them appropriately. I want to be a strong voice for the 10th Essex District and bring common-sense solutions to local issues. I want to bring government back to the people and most importantly a fresh start to our district.

What are the top 3 issues that you would address if elected?

I am also running for office because  I want to respond to the constituents needs not special interests by establishing a local office within the district and I am committed to bring resources to address issues such as: EDUCATION, PUBLIC SAFETY, and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. I am on a mission to accomplish that vision.

What qualities or qualifications differentiates you from your Democratic opponent?

I have the ability to communicate in 4 different languages. I know the majority of the residents of the district. I know their names and and their faces and most importantly they know my name and my face. I am highly engaged in the community, I am accessible and fully aware of the problems we are facing as a community.

I am ready to fight for resources to address the overcrowded class sizes in our school.

To provide more funding for early childhood education.

To expand kindergarten hours.

To provide more funding to build new schools and renovate existing buildings

To improve our education system.

To provide incentives to businesses in order to create business expansion, creation and extension.

To reduce the commercial tax in our city which is the highest in the
North shore.

To fight crimes, gangs and and drugs in the city.

Massachusetts' unemployment rate is 6.3%. Lynn's unemployment rate is 17%.  As your State Representative I will aggressively work with my colleagues on both sides of the House for incentives to create jobs in our district. The 10th Essex District deserves effective government and a Representative who really cares about the district. It is time for a change. The incumbent had 18 years to make the district a better place to live, work and raise your children but never did. The residents of the district will do a lot better under a new leadership.

Anything else you would like to add?

On Thursday September 6, 2012, I am respectfully asking the voters of the 10th Essex District to voice your choices by either writing my name or using the stickers to vote for a better future for the 10th Essex District.

Please visit our website for more information and please do not hesitate to contact us via email at ELECTGARDY@GMAIL.COM to request your stickers or you can also call us at 781- 354 - 2402 for comments or suggestions.

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