Friday, August 7, 2015

Councilor At-Large 2015 Q & A: Brian LaPierre

In this year's municipal race, there are six candidates for the four councilor at-large positions on the City Council. Brian LaPierre is among the candidates running this year. Here, LaPierre answers a few questions regarding his candidacy for City Council. 

Why are you running for Councilor At-Large?

I was born and raised in Lynn, to two lifelong Lynners: my mother, Caroline, the long-time secretary at the Hood Elementary School, and my father, Peter, a decorated Vietnam veteran. I married another lifelong Lynner, Kelly (Curtin) LaPierre, a fellow teacher, whose parents, Jim and Donna, are two more longtime Lynners. Lynn means everything to me and I’ve spent my life working to make it a better place: from being Little League president at age 19 to the years I spent teaching in the public school system to my current position advocating for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school staff.

I am running for Councilor At-Large because I care deeply about this city and believe I can help usher in a new era of leadership that brings the city to new heights. I believe the city can do more to create a safe, accessible and inclusive environment where families and businesses can grow, thrive, and build a stronger community. 

But I also know that city government should not just be focused on big picture issues. I’m running for Councilor At-Large to help people access city services on fundamental, day-to-day concerns: filling potholes, fixing sidewalks, and the countless other requests that too often get delayed or ignored. I’m running to be the person that any resident, whether they’ve spent their whole life in Lynn or they moved here 3 months ago, feels comfortable calling to get the help they need from the City.

What qualifications, skills, and/or experiences would you bring to the Lynn City Council, if elected?

As a lifelong educator who has spent years teaching in the Lynn public school system I know first-hand the challenges the school system faces, along with all the things it does well. If elected, I’ll bring those experiences with me as we continue making progress in expanding opportunity to all Lynners through our public school system.

My teaching background also prepares me well to handle constituent issues. As a teacher, I spent my days listening to students’ concerns, figuring out what was giving them trouble, and working with them to develop solutions. I plan to bring the same work style to City Hall, where I will be constantly listening to constituents, understanding their concerns, and acting to solve them.    

In your opinion, in what area(s) is Lynn excelling and in what area(s) is Lynn most in need of improvement?

I think the past few years have marked a turning point for Lynn. We’re starting to see exciting economic development, like businesses on the waterfront and the improvements of the downtown Lynn Arts and Cultural District. I want to continue this progress and make sure that City Hall is creating an environment that makes it easy to start, maintain, or expand a business. 

I think the city can do more to improve the safety of its streets and neighborhoods. Creating a safe and accessible environment in every single neighborhood is critical to ensuring families and businesses want to stay in Lynn. In office, I will work to make sure our neighborhoods are places our children can play, our elderly feeling comfortable walking, and our families can thrive. This means expanding quality public spaces, maintaining our streets and sidewalks, and being vigilant in addressing crime.  

Creating better neighborhoods also demands responsiveness on constituent requests. Residents should be confident that a call to City Hall will be responded to promptly, and I will work diligently to restore that confidence.

Why should Lynn voters cast their vote for you on November 3rd? 

My campaign has been based on listening and learning from all Lynn voters. Over the past 10 months, I have crisscrossed this city to have conversations with thousands of Lynners, giving me a strong understanding of their aspirations and how City Hall can be a helpful partner to help achieve those goals.

If Lynn voters decide to elect me, those aspirations will be my priority in office. I will work relentlessly to make Lynn a better place to start a family, open a business, or get an education. I will be tireless in my effort to make life easier for Lynners, especially on the small issues they feel too often get overlooked by City Hall. I know that Lynn is a city on the rise, and I know I can help build an even brighter future.



For more information on Brian LaPierre's candidacy, he can be reached 617-974-1243 or via email at

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