Friday, April 26, 2013

Ninety Percent of Lynn School Age Children Attend Public School

In January, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education publishes a report which indicates the the type of school enrollment for each full-time students in a given city or town. The most recent data from the 2011-12 school indicates that in Lynn: 

  • 13,393 students attended local public schools
  • 68 attended a Collaborative
  • 695 attended charter schools
  • 78 attended out-of-district public schools
  • 34 were home-schooled
  • 1,400 attended in-state private and parochial schools
  • 1 attended an out-of-state private or parochial school

This adds up to a total of 15,669 school age children in the city of Lynn with 90.8% attending public schools (either within Lynn public school district or a charter school).

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